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Vitruvian Engineering offers a wide range of consulting services across various engineering disciplines. For those areas where we don't specialize, we can bring together the right team to solve your problem and integrate everything into a complete solution. Areas of our core competency include the following:


Digital Inkjet Consulting

With over ten years experience and multiple patents in the field of large-format inkjet printer design, we are very well suited to provide new designs or troubleshoot existing issues printer OEMs may be facing. We also consult with printer owners to perform evaluation, calibration, training, service, customizations and upgrades. We have worked on all aspects of printer design and systems integration, including designing head layout patterns and plates, web and X-Y motion control, ink and vacuum control, head data and drive electronics, UV curing systems, and the software that brings it all together.

Electronics Design and Prototyping

We can provide a basic proof-of-concept design and prototype, or a full turn-key manufacturing package. We have completed many PCB designs and layouts of varying size and complexity. This included all phases of development from schematic design and capture, PCB layout, firmware, prototype build and testing, and outsourcing to contract manufacturers. We have developed products ranging from small commercial handheld devices to large industrial machinery.

Most of these projects involve embedded microcontrollers, and we are equipped with tool-chains and experience to cover a wide range of platforms, from 8 to 32-bit systems in product families including Freescale HCx, ColdFire, i.MX, Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC, and other ARM and 8051-based processors. We can provide solutions using dedicated firmware, real-time operating systems, or embedded operating systems such as GNU/Linux, Android, MeeGo, or Windows Embedded.

Due to current trends and developments in wireless technologies, we have established access to nearby labs with state-of-the-art multi-million dollar electronics equipment, cleanrooms, and anechoic chambers. This gives us the ability to perform full prescans for FCC, IC, UL, ETSI certifications, measure emissions and radiation patterns, and tune RF circuit and antenna designs. It also means we can produce and populate high-density surface mount PCBs using advanced etching, screening, pick-and-place, and hot-air reflow equipment. This allows us to provide rapid turnaround on prototype or short-run board fabrication.

For larger volumes we have made strong relationships with numerous vendors and manufactures, both domestic and foreign, and will work with them to provide your product, to your specifications, and at the best possible price.

Through our partners we can also provide mechanical design, modeling, prototyping, and tooling for manufacturing. It is very important to the success of a product development project that the software, electrical, and mechanical designs are well coordinated. We are very meticulous and will ensure every detail is covered to provide the smoothest possible production ramp-up.

Industrial Automation

For machinery or plant equipment that generally does not require custom electronics, we integrate modern components and practices to produce safe, reliable, and efficient control systems, for any industry.

Having worked with various PLC and HMI types including Omron, Koyo, Panasonic (Aromat/Matsushita), Allen Bradley, Siemens, we can provide solutions for virtually any platform. Programming can be done in ladder-logic or any high level language customary for the given platform.

Integrating the PLC with either discrete digital and analog I/O or bus-based systems, motion controllers and drives, servos, sensors, pneumatics, and power control, we can meet your control specifications for any machine or plant configuration. We can also provide machine design support, or full turnkey machinery.

Whether you need an upgrade or modification to an existing machine, or need a new machine designed completely from scratch, we can offer a solution.