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This page highlights some of the projects developed in various areas of specialty.


Digital InkJet Printer Prototyping and Systems Integration

Our primary focus has been in development of digital drop-on-demand inkjet printers. This covers the full range of electrical, software, and mechanical systems involved, including 1) ink delivery, temperature and vacuum control, 2) printhead data and fire pulse support electronics, 3) RIP file processing and manipulation, 4) printhead configuration and plate design, 5) user interface and basic machine control, 6) printing motion control, 7) curing equipment (UV, oven, forced air), and 8) substrate handling equipment (web feed, sheet auto-loader).

We can provide assistance in all areas of printer systems design and printhead integration, including on-site training, service, and support.

Printer Prototypes Digital Printer Prototype Digital Printer Front Digital Printer Back

Roller Maintenance Recorder

An industrial data logging system targeted at the printing industry that tracks and reports maintenance performed on all rollers, blankets, plates, for all units of a conventional web press. Using a graphical LCD and simple navigation membrane keypad, this device gives the pressman an intuitive interface for updating press maintenance and getting notices of upcoming preventive maintenance. The units can be networked and connected to a remote PC for comprehensive reporting and monitoring.

Wireless Pyrotechnics Firing System

A rugged and portable wireless firing system capable of triggering fireworks and pyrotechnics from over 500m. The modular system allows connection to thousands of individual cues, all controlled from a single hand-held remote. The modules are FCC certified and NFPA compliant, and are both affordable enough for the hobbyist, as well as reliable and powerful enough for the professional.

User feedback: "YOUR SYSTEM IS BRILLIANT! We had a 100% shoot and we love it." "I tested the system from 1000 feet out to 5 feet and it worked flawlessly every time. I had zero issues with the system. Having a system for professionals and hobbyists like this is long overdue."

Web-Enabled Vending Machine Controller

A controller board designed for use in vending machines to interface with users and dispense product. The system is capable of connecting to the Internet using an Ethernet connection, over Wi-Fi, or on a cellular GSM network to communicate with remote servers. This enables each machine to report each vend cycle, monies collected, service warnings, fault conditions, etc. From any browser on the Web, the data can be accessed, and machine updates and configuration can also be performed.

The system is based on a 32-bit Coldfire processor running the MQX RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) to ensure reliable, deterministic operation. The board interfaces with various peripherals including bill and coin mechanisms using the standard MDB protocol, smart card and RFID readers, LCD and LED displays, user selection buttons, and dispenser output drivers.

Wireless UEGO (Univeral Exhaust Gas Oxygen) Sensor Controller

This device connects to standard automotive wideband (LSU 4.2) Oxygen sensors to measure air-fuel ratio, which allows for precise tuning of engine performance. This version was designed with a Wi-Fi module allowing remote control and monitoring of the sensor readings.

The device uses the Bosch CJ125 interface chip to accurately drive the sensor elements, and another small microcontroller to maintain temperature control. The readings transferred over the Wi-Fi link are converted into Lambda, O2 or AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio) values.

Wireless Wheelpad

An iPod-style touch wheel with center button using a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless protocol. The wireless USB dongle accepts data from up to four wheelpads simultaneously and supplies it to an application on a Linux PC via the custom driver, which was also developed for the project.

The rechargeable battery-operated wheelpad device was originally intended to be used in the hospitality market, installed within furniture and sensing through their surfaces.

Bushnell Holographic Rifle Sight

A rifle-mounted holographic sight (named Holosight) based on an Atmel AVR microcontroller. Being a cost-sensitive commercial product, the code was written entirely in assembly to allow for a device with the smallest possible Flash space (only 512 bytes). The firmware produced the holographic crosshair, including laser dimming control, and battery level monitoring.